As part of the services we provide, we offer:

  • Assistance in the planning, installation and configuration of SAS environments
  • Outsourcing of maintenance services
  • Altering existing configuration
  • General help with the implementation of solutions
  • Support in finding solutions to technical problems
  • optimization of owned processes
  • optimization of owned processes

We also offer services in the field of creation and development of already owned SAS solutions.

In case you want to get detailed information, please contact us.


Technology and out-of-box solutions guarantee only partial success. To fully utilize the potential of SAS tools, you need to have the right skills. Thanks to trainings performed by experienced specialists, your employees will have knowledge enabling them to perform their tasks more efficiently and face everyday challenges. Our trainer gained practical knowledge during the implementation of domestic and foreign projects for customers from many sectors. In addition to having the knowledge, they also have the ability to transfer it – they worked as academic teachers and SAS business trainers.